Exquisite, Artisan Crafted Fine Jewelry

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Elegant Designs

Quality Gemstones

We create our own exquisite, one of a kind pieces of jewelry, and we also carry the work of a very limited number of exceptional artists.  Our jewelry is all made in the United States or Europe, and every piece is held to the highest standards of quality.   We make and sell pieces intended to be cherished for generations.

Colored gemstones are so often an afterthought in traditional jewelry stores. We believe these rare and marvelous gems present an ideal opportunity for making real statements about personal style and taste.  We have made collecting and setting fine quality colored gems our passion, and we search the world over for the finest examples.

We believe jewelry should be worn, and we typically design with the idea of "casual elegance" in mind.  Our pieces will transition from day to night with ease, and the classic styles will be a timeless addition to your wardrobe.  Our collections often coordinate very nicely, so you can compliment your own personal style.